Do you have a child who has faced a traumatic loss of someone like a parent or a sibling? Are you looking for ways to help them work their way through their anger, confusion and other emotions?
Studies show that coloring relieves stress. Drawing pictures also helps us get in touch with things we might be feeling, but haven’t been able to put into words, especially for children.
My Grief Journey: Coloring Book and Journal for Kids is an award-winning book that puts the two together in an effective and powerful way.


  • Thirty words that express their grief journey (such as helpless, fear, memories, hope, comfort, truth, thankful)

  • Each coloring page has a specific place for the child to draw their own picture, or write something, based on a question or sentence to complete

  • Author Laura Diehl shares a short thought intertwined with what God has shown her about each word

  • Each word has an appropriate Bible verse

  • The coloring pages are a simplified version of My Grief Journey: Coloring Book and Journal for Grieving Parents

To find out more about My Grief Journey for grieving parents, click here.


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