Thank you for making a difference by partnering with GPS Hope,
helping to give support and resources to brokenhearted parents during their time of darkness and deep loss. 

Every dollar helps.


Examples of how your dollars will be used:

$250 /month

Can help cover the cost of an entire ministry event for grieving parents, including our travel expenses, the campground expense to park the Hope Mobile while there, and resource materials. 

We would be honored to list you/your business as a sponsor on the GPS Hope website. 

GPS Hope would also consider you part of the Hope for Hundreds, meaning you would receive the same thank you benefits as seen below. 

$100 /month (Hope for Hundreds)

You will be providing support and resources for hundreds of bereaved parents with a $100/ monthly gift to GPS Hope. As a sincere thank you, GPS Hope would like to bless you with the following:

  • An In Loving Memory Heart on the Hope Mobile for your child or loved one
  • A Grieving Parents Sharing Hope Podcast will be sponsored for your child or as a supporter of GPS Hope
  • As a bereaved parent, you will be enrolled in the When Tragedy Strikes Hope & Healing Course with eight weeks of personal coaching from Laura (or a scholarship will be provided for a bereaved parent)

$50 /month

Helps provide a needed GPS Hope Retreat scholarship for two bereaved parents (either a couple, or two individuals) or helps us reduce the overall registration cost for a one-day conference. 

$30 /month

Allows us to give Laura’s award-winning book, When Tragedy Strikes to the hurting parents who attend our events and workshops. (An "In Loving Memory" of your child or loved one's name will be included as an insert in 24 books.)

$25 /month

Keeps the Hope Mobile fueled (at 6 miles per gallon) and maintained, helping us continue our journey to reach grieving parents across the country.