After the death of a child, there is no closure. It is like learning how to live with an amputation---you are forever changed and need to learn how to live a new “normal.” There can be a feeling of desperation to find someone farther ahead on the path who can understand the crushing pain that makes you feel like you can’t even breathe at times.

Laura Diehl was plunged into that place with the death of her daughter, and meets the deep need to connect with others who have experienced what cannot be put into words. This award-winning book, When Tragedy Strikes (Morgan James Publishing - Faith Division) is the raw account of her journey from deep darkness back into light and life, extending a hand of hope to those traveling on the path behind her, who need to rebuild their lives after the death of a child.

"…there is no greater time for our need to have God at work in our lives than the death of our child."


"One thing I am learning is that peace and pain can both reside in us at the same time."

About Laura

Laura Diehl has been married to her husband, Dave, for almost 40 years. She is mom to five children (including her oldest daughter already with Jesus), Grandma Lolli to six beautiful grandchildren, an ordained minister, international teacher, speaker, and multiple award-winning author. Some of the other books she has written are:

  • Come Grieve Through Our Eyes: How To Give Comfort And Support To Bereaved Parents 
  • My Grief Journey: Coloring Book and Journal (for Grieving Parents)
  • My Grief Journey: Coloring Book and Journal for Kids
  • Hope for the Future: An Advent Journey for Bereaved Parents

Laura and her husband Dave, have chosen to devote their lives to grieving parents. They live in a 38-foot motor home and travel the nation for the ministry they founded, GPS Hope (Grieving Parents Sharing Hope). Dave and Laura tour the nation, speaking and ministering in music, offering support and resources, walking with parents through the suffocating darkness of child loss, navigating them to a place of hope, light and purpose.

For more information, visit www.GPSHope.org.

“Lets’ get connected!”

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"No matter how broken you are today, tomorrow promises new hope."


When Tragedy Strikes CBA Award Winning Certificate with cover Non-Fiction

Award-winning ReviewCongratulations 'When Tragedy Strikes' a book by Ms. Laura Diehl, a 2017 Centauri Gold Medal Christian Book Award Winner in the category of 'Non-Fiction'! This powerful book was written to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, especially a child. The book details the authors family, the circumstances which led to the death of her child, and the emotional process the author went through after the tragedy including how God, family, friends, and the Bible helped her through the situation. The author also offers suggestions and Bible verses to help those coping with the loss of a child like she is. The book was very well written and organized. The style of the writing is first person, so the reader remains engaged throughout the book. It is 3 things in one - a celebration of their daughter's life, a journey the author went through after the tragedy, and a guide to help others in her situation. Although over 100 pages, it can be easily read in one setting. Even though the book is about the loss of a child, it can be used as a template for dealing with any sort of tragedy. At the end of reading this excellent book you will feel like you know the author and her family, the struggle they went through, and be able to use the suggestions and lessons they learned to help you in your life!



Silver Medalist in 2018 Illumination Awards
(Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books)





Top 10 finalist in the 2018 global Author Academy Awards.




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Check out the When Tragedy Strikes Hope and Healing Course based on the book that will take you deeper and give you more tools to help you work through your grief.



What Others Have to Say About When Tragedy Strikes

Wayne JacobsonIf you have suffered great tragedy and struggle to connect with God in your grief and disappointment, When Tragedy Strikes was written for you. Laura Diehl knows the unfathomable pain of losing a child in tragic circumstances, and through the grief and pain finding her footing in the love of an affectionate Father. As she describes her own journey with honesty, compassion, and wisdom, she will help you process your own journey and find a glorious hope beyond your darkest days.

- Wayne Jacobsen author of He Loves Me, Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection, and co-writer of The Shack


Laurie BAfter years of struggling with the death of my son and daughter, When Tragedy Strikes completely validated my emotional journey. Laura’s willingness to expose her true thoughts and feelings made me feel justified, not ashamed of my own feelings.  She focused my head and heart on the only true Healer who can provide all I need in the midst of my dark valley –Jesus Christ.  I am hopeful for the day I will be reunited with my precious babies.  Thank you Laura, for writing this book, and giving me and all grieving parents a voice in the midst of our pain.

-Laurie Bolka mother of Nelson, 4 months and Jessica, 2 months


kathyLaura Diehl has a way of sharing her experience and healing after her daughter’s death that is so relatable. Your heart and soul can’t help but be touched by her honesty and openness about her hurt and depression. I believe this book will help so many people. When Tragedy Strikes touches all aspects of the grieving process and brings Scripture and life experience together. We are not going through this alone. Not only do we have our Father in heaven holding us up, but he has given people like Laura the gift and inspiration to share with us the hope and healing we need.

– Kathy Pelton mother of Joshua, age 23


Darrell-Scott-2Laura's book, When Tragedy Strikes, will squeeze tears from your eyes and put a smile on your face as she writes about her beautiful daughter, Becca, and the process she experienced from pain to purpose.  Having lost my own daughter at Columbine in 1999, I understand the sorrow of an unimaginable loss.  This is a book that should be read by everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, especially a child.

- Darrell Scott founder of Rachel’s Challenge, and author, father of Rachel, age seventeen


gloria1Seldom have I read a book written with such honesty, frankness and passion regarding the struggles one encounters when a loved one has died. Although written after the death of her daughter Laura's journey of moving through loss to again find hope has pearls of wisdom for recovering from any loss.

 - Dr. Gloria Horsley, president and founder of www.opentohope.com and mother of Scott, age seventeen


Lynn BI read When Tragedy Strikes all in one setting. I can't express how amazing this was to read. Laura's story touched my heart and validated my experience when I embarked on the same journey 28 years ago when my son Joel Brian passed away. I feel this is required reading for any mother that is grieving the loss of a child.

-Pastor Lynn Breeden Founder of www.mourningtodancing.com Joel Brian forever 5 years old


Pastor RussFrom my perspective as a pastor and walking through every season of life with thousands of people, the death of a child has to be the most excruciating loss a person can go through. The pain seems unstoppable and all consuming.  And then you add on top of that the stupid and flippant responses people make to you as a grieving parent, and it further entrenches you in a dark forest without a compass and without a light.  In the book When Tragedy Strikes, Laura is able to skillfully give voice to this grief in a loving and poignant way that only a person who has gone through the death of child can fully understand.  But in addition, she is able to create a tangible blueprint for rebuilding your life that will give you a compass and a light to guide you through the darkness of your grief.  If you are walking through the death of a child, or someone near you is walking through this, When Tragedy Strikes is a must read.

- Russ Walker senior pastor of CrossPointe Community Church

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14. Speaker Paul Ryan


"This was such a comfort to me, that God would let me know it was okay to be so confused, hurt, lost, and broken."

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"We don’t need to be analyzed; we know what’s wrong. We need comfort and hope from someone who has been where we are." 

"Grief is something we have to travel through before we can rise above it."


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